War in Gorgas?

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For the people of Gorgas, yesterday was meant to be a step in the right direction. Yesterday spirits were high here in Batumi as workers started unloading the first cargo container with newly purchased ground weapons from the German people. The day started simple enough; they wanted to start small, they said. They just want to get the first unit of tanks off the boat and lined up simply to see how everything worked and work out all the kinks. It wasn’t long until after the first unit of tanks, surplus leopard twos from Germany, that things started to go wrong.

Shortly after the unloading and the unveiling ceremony to also be the refounding of Gorgases’ first armored brigade, Denovia started moving its troops. It started innocently enough; they started by reinforcing the area around Sochi. A couple of hours later, and large force moved into South Ostremek. This force includes attack helicopters, tanks, artillery, and all the troops that come along with it. The majority of the world would not have been aware of any of this. Still, in the early predawn hours of this morning, Denovia and attack helicopters began attacking the city of Triblisi, the airbase at Kutaisi, and the airbase Senaki.

These are not random attacks. They have been planned and thought out. The attack helicopters went straight for Gorgases early warning radar system. This system is vital for the country to defend itself by knowing where incoming aircraft are coming from. The Gorgas Ministry of Defense also stated that with the loss of these radars, the nation’s defense and our ability to fight off any incoming threat is degraded.

No official statement has been made yet either out of the country’s president or prime minister’s office. Though with Denovias’ forces continuing to attack major populated centers we expect Gorgas and NATO’s response to be quick. Any decision couldn’t come quickly enough as Zabzimek separatists have used this time of chaos to deploy more troops along the border. One Zabzimek general stated, “We have put up a wall in the sky that will keep out the Gorgan invaders that occupy the sky above our heads.” With the sky lighting up with tracer fire and air raid sirens going off in the capital, some Gorgans wonder if their country will ever be free again.

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