Terrorists Routed in Gori

Gorgas Times
Nov 3rd, 2019

Late yesterday evening, a gun battle erupted from the new helicopter flight school located in the city of Gori just outside the terrorist-controlled area of South Ostremek located almost in the dead center of Gorgas.

The terrorists where quickly put down or fled the area after air support was requested by agents that were tracking the terrorists back to their hiding place, which before now, was thought to be inside the border of South Ostremek.

For the next few hours, the compound erupted as units from the Gorgas Army Air Corps targeted troops and equipment from the compound. A government spokesperson told Gorgas Times that the terrorist group was well-armed with items such as antiaircraft guns, tanks, antiaircraft missiles, machine guns, and a vast collection of stolen or fake government service vehicles. From both the civil service and the military. They went on to state at the press conference early this morning that they were even armed with two helicopters with UN markings that had been converted to gunships.

Up until now, the terrorist group had though to have their base in the area of South Ostremek but look to have moved outside their brake away area to avoid being found. The compound was found by three government agents who had thought that the group they were following contained terrorist leader Blatov Makar. Though after a search of the wreckage, they now believe that he is still at large. Sadly two of the three GIS (Gorgas Intelligence Service) agents lost their lives when the terrorists opened fire on their vehicle outside of the helicopter school along with one pilot from the 906th vFighter Squadron when he impacted with the ground trying to evade weapons fire.

Blatov Makar shown here (right front) with a group of his terrorist members.

The government has had a long-held belief the South Ostremek terrorist group has been supplied and funded by Donovia, just like the region of Zabzimek early this year. This belief looks to be confirmed because after the compound erupted in flames, four Donovian MiG-29s crossed the border into Gorgas as a show of force. Luckily, they were destroyed before they could do any damage or attack any Gorgan forces. No word yet as to if the pilots of the Denovian planes managed to bail out of their aircraft though several people in and around Gori report seeing parachutes.

The government of Donovia claims that they had entered the South Ostremek region with their planes to act as peacekeepers and to defend civilians in the area, which are mostly ethnic Donovian. The terrorists did also release a statement stating that they at no time attacked anyone from the government and were at the compound to inquire about prices for helicopter rides for children with cancer. They also went on to state that the government forces destroyed several civilians’ homes and killed over thirty-five innocent women and children, though this claim cannot be substantiated by the government of Gorgas or UN advisors located in Gorgas.

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