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All Quite in Zabzimek

BBC World News Date: Aug 7th, 2019 Today is a quiet day in Zabzimek; you can’t hear explosions, helicopters, tanks, or jets screaming through the air. For once in a long time, there is no gunfire. Last night a meeting was held that went into the early hour of the morning at an undisclosed location. […]



Realistic training that is gathered from both ex-military members of Gorgas and training straight from US Navy and Airforce Manuals. We learn a long time ago that you have to train like the best to fly like the best.
Dynamic Missions! How you fair in one mission will affect air and ground troops of Gorgas. We also have a linked Arma 3 unit that simulates Gorgas Special Operation Forces that will affect the pilots.
We are not just a vitrual fighter squadron. This unit was founded by a group of friends and we aim to keep it that way. We are selective of who we take and even more selective of who we keep in. First and formost is if you get alone with the current members.

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