Gorgas goes modernish

Defense News Daily
Date: September 1st, 2019

The small nation of Gorgas has finally made their decision about how they are using their 2014 NATO military assistance package. The Gorgas Minister of Defense, Kopsov Valeryevich, announced today that the money from the military assistance package and the money they got from the sales of all but a token few Su-25 attack aircraft to the Ukrainian Air Force on reorganizing their former Army Air Corps into its own branch and upgrading the 906th Fighter Squadron.

The newly formed Gorgasian Air Force looks to be taking its new playbook from the Americans as it reorganizes its 906th Fighter Squadron yet again after the United States Department of Defense approved the sale of a tremendous amount of older model aircraft that are no longer being used by the United States Navy and the United States Airforce. So far the entire list that was released shows that they will be taking the whole of remaining stock of mothballed F-14Bs, newly retired  F/A-18C Block 20s from the Navy Reserves, and F-16 Block 50s from the Air National Guard.

This move doesn’t come as a massive surprise after Gorgas was pressured to sign a cease-fire with its own brake away province of Zabzimek that stipulated that Gorgas must remove all troops stationed at the Zabzimek border and redeploy the countries only fighter squadron, the 906th, back to the countries main airbase outside of Triblisi.

The newly reorganized squadron is being called an American copy cat air force on a budget. The F-14Bs will be taking up the same roll of standoff aircraft killer that is occupied by Americas astronomically priced F-15s. The F/A-18 and F-16s will be splitting the roll of interceptor and ground attack aircraft. Some analysts have stated that they wouldn’t be surprised to see an additional order for A-10s warthog or the Harriers that the squadron tested earlier this year.

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