Gorgan Prime Minister Anri Stepane

Gorgan Prime Minister calls for end to the bombing.

Anri Stepane’s office released a statement this morning ordering the end of all aggressive action by the multinational force protecting her country. More than 48 hours ago the 332nd Expeditionary Task Force has been attacking military targets in the Zabzimek after a Denovian S-300 surface to air missile battery located just out the border of Denovia and South Ostremek region of Gorgas fired at a US Marine Corps F/A-18C on a routine air security flight from the USS George H.W. Bush that is currently stationed off the border of Gorgas in the Black Sea.

“I have issued direct orders to the commanders of the 332nd and I am being told to expect complete cooperation.” the statement went on. Multiple military sources have stated that a much stricter ROE (Rules of Engagement) has been put in place within the task force. Aircraft are now to be escorted out of Gorgas airspace and military members are not able to start firing until they are fired at.

There is one small stipulation to these orders that if Denovian president Jahangir Jaheer doesn’t issue the same set of orders to troops on his side of the border. Only time will tell if this quasi cease-fire will last.

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