Escalation in the Caucasus

The Caucasus region is no stranger to political and military tension. It started with Denovias annexation of Azov Peninsula away from Pirtuni in 2014, then the Zabzimek region of Gorgas in 2017, and finally just last month the South Ostremek region of Gorgas. All these regions have been “…freed from fascist tyrannical governments who were abusing the rights of ethnic Donovians.” That last statement comes directly from Donovias’s own Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Republics of Donovia.

All this tension came to a head yesterday afternoon as US fighters from the 332nd Expeditionary Task Force started attacking military targets in both the Zabzimek and South Ostremek of Gorgas. The opening salvo came when a US F/A-18 was targeted by a Denovian SA-10 site located on the border of South Ostremek. This surface to air missile site was tracking and may have even locked onto the US jet. At this time, the pilot felt his life was in danger and fired a missile at the site.

This attack was followed by several attacks on military airbases in Zabzimek by US F-16 and F/A-18 fighter. Denovia called the attack an unprovoked act of aggression and promised to reinforce the area to protect the citizens of Zabzimek. True to their word today, we see the movement of Denovian surface to air batties being placed on train cars bound for the Zabzimek area.

Currently, the Denovians are reinforcing the area, the Bush battlegroup off the coast of Gorgas, and the expected delivery of reinforcement war equipment to the nation of Gorgas from NATO allies. All of this looks to this reporter that things will get much worse in the Caucasus mountain region before it gets any better.

As if a war was not any closer last week, the Gorgas Air Force’s top brass had a meeting with SAAB about the possibility of buying the companies Gripen at a substantial discount. Putting this much war material into one area and it is just a matter of time before a match sets off the entire region.

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