All Quite in Zabzimek

BBC World News

Date: Aug 7th, 2019

Today is a quiet day in Zabzimek; you can’t hear explosions, helicopters, tanks, or jets screaming through the air. For once in a long time, there is no gunfire. Last night a meeting was held that went into the early hour of the morning at an undisclosed location. In attendance at this meeting where  US, Donovia, Zabzimek, and Gorgas diplomats a cease-fire was signed between the nation of Gorgas and the Donovan backed Zabzimek separatists.

While the citizens of Gorgas and Zabzimek are happy about the outbreak of piece, many are not sure it will last. Eristov Denisovich told us that, “It won’t last, those bastards in Triblisi don’t care about Zabzimek. They think they own us; they will be back.” While not all citizens of Zabzimek hold the same sentiment as Mr. Denisovich, it is defiantly the majority.

Others still try to be optimistic about the entire situation. Twenty-something Volkova Larionovna told us, “I want to go back to the way it was. The Gorgas government gave two shits about us, not like the Donovians. The Donovians want another puppet state so they can try to relive their glory days of communism.”

This decision was not an easy one for the Gorgasian government. Under pressure from Donvia, some say that Gorgas got the short end of the stick. As part of the cease-fire agreement, Gorgas had to withdraw all of its forces from the border of Zabzimek and restation its army air corps back to their usual base located outside Triblisi. As if that wasn’t enough, Gorgas agreed to remove all foreign military combat troops from its borders.

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