About Us

The 906th Virtual Fighter Squadron started in 2017 as an idea among a group of friends. Why not make a fighter squadron that we can mess around in and have fun? The idea of using the fictional nation of Gorgas was put forward by ex-army member Neon.

Gorgas, Ariana, Donvoia, Limaria, Pirtuni, and the famous Atropia were invented by TRADOC (Training and Doctrine) Command of the United States Army for use in building training scenarios for combined joint operations training between all the branches of the US Department of Defense. The most well known of these is the nation of Atropia that is used in almost all dedicated training bases and scenarios that are used to train future officers of the military. These nations were loosely based on the countries that occupy the Caucasus region of eastern Europe but with invented ties of conflicts both inside and external. Now it is used in almost every training event that is held in the US Military.

From then on the 906th vFW was dedicated to flying and role-playing an ex-soviet era satellite state that is western looking and attempting to join both the EU and NATO. The 906th started off flying and fighting nothing but older Warsaw Pact. From there over the years the fiction as been expanded to encompass several conflicts and slowly updating to older NATO equipment that fit into our fiction of a small nation looking to modernize its armed forces and receiving aid from NATO.