Unit badge of the 332nd Expeditionary Force

This unit was initially started mid-2017 as a group of friends that play DCS together. Originally our only goal was to contribute to Blue Flag.

We didn’t start theming the unit until we began to find a common connection with a training system used by the DoD that some of our founding members had experienced in their military careers. The Army war college made this fictional backdrop to simulate conflicts in regional areas that are high interest.

The flag of the fictional country of Gorgas

This system was called DATE (Decisive Action Training Environment), and it took regions from around the world and overlays a fictional conflict between the countries’ fictional neighbors. This was used to give the backdrop and reasoning for disputes that the troops were taking part in as training. It was designed so that any given branch of the military or even somewhat civilian authority could take it and pull out the information it needed for training, from PSYOPs to Tank Battalions and everything in between.

This caused the unit to take on the guise of Gorgases at the time Army Air Corps. We started to pull a fictional storyline that went along with the group that has progressed to this day. Though the unit has cased its colors several times, it always manages to come back.

Wings of the Gorgas Army Air Corps still worn today.

The last time the unit closed down, it was due to a lack of pilots. The Gorgas nation was not as attractive as other units when it came time to do recruiting. This led to the conversation between two members about building a community around a set of servers. More than one unit sharing the same airspace on one set of servers, all with a dynamic storyline campaign. This causes the group to be broken up into subunits.

CAW-8 (Naval Aviation)
1st Air Force (US Air Force Based)
906th Tactical Fighter Group (Russian and EU based planes)

These three squadrons portray the 332nd Expeditionary Task Force. A multinational military task group that was made in the wake of Denovian invasion of the South Ostremek of Gorgas, which resulted in a massive loss of life and material to the Gorgas military. The task force consists typically of the Bush carrier strike group, a dedicated Air Force fighter wing, and what remains of the nation of Gorgas’s only fighter squadron, the 906th Tactical Fighter Group.


What time zone are you based in?
US Central Standard Time.

What do you guys fly?
F/A-18, F-14, F-16s but we are trying to recruit people for our EU themed squadron that flys the AJS-37, M-2000C, Eurofighter (when released), and even maybe our Gripen flight.

What’s Gripen Flight?
At this time that is classified.

Do you have any requirements?

  • You must be at least 18
  • You must understand and speak English
  • You must be able to run DCS with a good internet connection
  • You must be able to get along with the group.

What kind of things are you looking for?

C-130 Crew
ATC/AWAC Operators
SOG Operators
Ground Commanders
Viggen Pilots
M-2000C Pilots
F-16 Pilots
A-10 Pilots
F-15 Pilots
F-14 Pilots
F-14 Rios
F/A-18C Pilots

We are open to other planes/airframes but we are limited by what people want to fly. If someone wants a flight of any airframe they just need to find pilots.

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Gorgas Weather Report
20January2021, 14:56


  • C-130 CREW
  • M-2000C PILOT
  • AJS-37 PILOT
  • F-15C PILOT
  • F-16C PILOT
  • F-14B PILOT
  • F-14B RIO
  • F/A-18C PILOT
2020 Democratic Republic of Gorgas