A War in the Making

Denovian forces moved into and took control of yet another region of the small nation of Gorgas last week. Donovan press is stating that they, like in the Crimea of the Ukraine, and Zabzamek of Gorgas before it, has been freed from what they called a fascist government in control of Gorgas.

“This will not stand, we will take our country back.” Is the only statement that has been made by Gorgases President Sikhale Askash and Prime Minister Anri Stepane shortly before they boarded a flight to the United States.

For the average American citizen, this is all new to them only having received minor press exposure. But that all changed when the United States deployed the 332nd Expeditionary Package. Which consists of units from the Army, Navy, and Air Force to include a carrier battle group.

The United States Congress and Senate also passed through the ”Gorgas Defence Bill” in record time. This bill provided much-needed aid, both civilian and military, to the battle-torn country of Gorgas. We already know some of the defense budgets are going towards replacement tanks, equipment, and any tools they can get their hands on. This also includes the sale of several F-16s to the country from the United States, several M-2000C from France, and an emergency production of the Swedish made AJS-37 Viggens from Saab.

To top this all off the country is also pulling out its large stockpile of old Mig-29s, Su-25Ts, and Su-27s that had been mothballed almost a year ago as part of Gorgases attempt to modernize its military. But as equipment and troops grow scarce some analysts are predicting that they will start to use foreign nationals in the form of a Foreign Legion. More than likely formed under the assistance and guidance of Frances Foreign Legion. 

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