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Gorgan Prime Minister Anri Stepane
Gorgan Prime Minister calls for end to the bombing.

Anri Stepane’s office released a statement this morning ordering the end of all aggressive action by the multinational force protecting her country. More than 48 hours ago the 332nd Expeditionary Task Force has been attacking military targets in the Zabzimek after a Denovian S-300 surface to air missile battery located just out the border of […]


Escalation in the Caucasus

The Caucasus region is no stranger to political and military tension. It started with Denovias annexation of Azov Peninsula away from Pirtuni in 2014, then the Zabzimek region of Gorgas in 2017, and finally just last month the South Ostremek region of Gorgas. All these regions have been “…freed from fascist tyrannical governments who were […]


A War in the Making

Denovian forces moved into and took control of yet another region of the small nation of Gorgas last week. Donovan press is stating that they, like in the Crimea of the Ukraine, and Zabzamek of Gorgas before it, has been freed from what they called a fascist government in control of Gorgas. “This will not […]


Terrorists Routed in Gori

Gorgas Times Nov 3rd, 2019 Late yesterday evening, a gun battle erupted from the new helicopter flight school located in the city of Gori just outside the terrorist-controlled area of South Ostremek located almost in the dead center of Gorgas. The terrorists where quickly put down or fled the area after air support was requested […]


Gorgas goes modernish

Defense News Daily Date: September 1st, 2019 The small nation of Gorgas has finally made their decision about how they are using their 2014 NATO military assistance package. The Gorgas Minister of Defense, Kopsov Valeryevich, announced today that the money from the military assistance package and the money they got from the sales of all […]


All Quite in Zabzimek

BBC World News Date: Aug 7th, 2019 Today is a quiet day in Zabzimek; you can’t hear explosions, helicopters, tanks, or jets screaming through the air. For once in a long time, there is no gunfire. Last night a meeting was held that went into the early hour of the morning at an undisclosed location. […]



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